Top 4 Essential SEO Terms

When you first join the world of SEO and internet marketing, the range of terminology sometimes be sometimes be confusing to understand. That’s why the team here at Internet Marketing Questions have put together a list of the top 4 terms you should know and their definitions…

Anchor Text: This is the industry term for a piece of hyperlinked text. It is key in SEO as keywords with anchor text attached theoretically enhance organic rankings as long as no black hat techniques are used, such as keyword stuffing.

Title Tag: A title tag is also known as a page title and can be seen in the browser area of a search result or website. It helps the search engines understand what a page is about.

301 Redirect: When a page is deleted or it’s URL it changed, it doesn’t just disappear like many people think. When someone searches for a URL that doesn’t exist anymore, they usually get the 404 error response however to avoid confusing people, it is best to use the 301 redirect which will take people from the old URL to the other page you now use.

Keywords: This is perhaps one the most important aspects of SEO and though it often becomes overused, a keyword is simply a word, phrase and range of words that represent your company in order to help users and the search engine see what your website is about, thus allowing it to be organically ranked according to relevance. However, overusing keywords can affect your rankings as it is a black hat technique known as keyword stuffing.

When it comes to learning new terminology for an industry, sometimes you just need a helping hand and here at Internet Marketing Questions, we hope our list of terms will aid you in your SEO services! Check back for more top tips!

The Lowdown on the Google Panda Update

In one of our previously blogs, we told you all there is to know on the Google Penguin update and this time around, it’s all about the Panda update.

The update, which launched in February 2011, was one of Google most important spam-fighting algorithms and is now an official part of the core ranking algorithm. This means that it plays a part in the decision of which rank your website is awarded on the google search engines.

Jennifer Slegg said in a statement that the “Panda is an algorithm  that’s applied to sites overall and has become of the our core ranking signals. It measure the quality of a site. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.

The aim of Google Panda was to target what is known as ‘content farms’ and low quality sites to put the high quality sites at the top of the search results. A content farm is a website that has content written specifically for search engine bots instead of human readers and is a black hat technique within the SEO and internet marketing industry.

The Google Panda update was said to have affected the ranking of around 12% of all search results. After the release, a blog was published by Google to help make people aware of what qualifies as a high quality site. It said that content producers should try to step into Google’s mindset, ensuring that their work answers questions like ‘was the article well edited or does it appear sloppy or hastily produced’ and ‘would you trust the information in this article’.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we do not like the bad reputation that black hat techniques give the SEO and internet marketing industry, which is why the updates are a positive thing for legitimate companies. Despite this, sometimes even well done SEO can suffer slightly. Because of this, we must remember to focus on high quality and relevant content so that we can stay in Google’s good books.

3 SEO Tips To Follow In 2017

Throughout the past 6 years, Google has become incredibly busy. We’ve had a range of new updates, and a handful of changes and features from its own search console have been removed. In short, it’s safe to say that Google is hard at work ensuring that the user has top priority and that black hat SEO technicians are knocked off their high horse. To stay in Google’s good books, here are 3 SEO tips we should all be following in 2017…

  1. Google has indicated the age of the mobiles and smartphones many times. First it was Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and recently there has been a preference to mobile friendly sites- it is time we get on the bandwagon with this one. However, it isn’t just about making your site mobile compatible. It must be designed to load faster and better. For example, say goodbye to auto playing videos and focus on displaying content first.
  1. 2017 will be the year of comebacks and long content is one of the first. Statistics have shown that people are actually taking time to read longer articles rather than shorter articles as the bounce rates of shorter blogs have increased. With this, we should be focusing on content rich sites.
  1. Don’t fret when we say keywords have lost a tiny little bit of importance. They are still there! While we tell you to focus on content a lot, keywords are still very important in the world of SEO. With this, we mean there is no need to stuff keywords into your content all the time, as this is actually a black hat technique- but a few will do. Plus, RankBrain, an algorithm that guesses keywords and picks up a site based on them, was introduced by Google and is expected to take effect in 2017. This means that even though your site may not contain the keyword, it may still be listed if it is relevant.

SEO is constantly changing which means thing could be different in six months’ time; however, right now, Internet Marketing Questions is sure content will be all the range during 2017. If you’re looking for the best hacks on SEO Services, you’re in the right place! Check back for more tips and tricks!

Top 3 Internet Marketing Methods

Internet marketing is a simple enough industry to use if you consistently employ the techniques necessary and do not use black hat tactics. Despite this, many businesses have been unable to maximise their attempts to achieve valuable traffic. Here are the top 3 internet marketing methods that we think the top SEO companies should be using…

Content Marketing

You are either very new to the internet marketing industry or very behind if you haven’t heard the phrase ‘content is king’. This simply means that in order to receive valuable traffic and rewarded positions in search results, a site must be filled with relevant content that a searcher needs. Content marketing is to do with the creation and publication of content which will attract and engage an audience. It allows feedback and repeated visitors and therefore traffic to enter a site.

Email Marketing

If you make it a point to send follow up emails to visitors which register on the site, they will be able to voluntarily find out more about the services you offer. It is best to set up an ‘opt-in’ system and create a mailing list for such visitors. Sadly, many people are aware of how useful this technique can be so it is a chance to get ahead of the game.

Social Media Marketing

Over the last 5 years, social media has grown significantly in popularity and is now recognised worldwide. If you understand your business, your industry and your target customer basis, choosing the correct social media platform can make or break a campaign. Facebook is arguably the biggest and most versatile social media out there for this sort of stuff.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we want our readers to get the best out of their internet marketing campaigns in 2017. Remember to check back for more tips, tricks and ideas!

Internet Marketing Method Predictions for 2017

It is no doubt that 2016 was a successful year for the internet marketing industry. Despite this, the industry never slows down and although we haven’t quite reached the end of the current year, there is no time like the present when it comes to predicting what trends will kick off 2017. By thinking about the changes to the internet marketing industry in 2017, we can adjust our strategies accordingly and prepare. Here are a few of the predictions we have come up with…

  • Not many people could have predicted the success of Pokémon Go which earned $10 million per day in revenue. Although the enthusiasm for this app has died down considerably, there is no doubt that the app paved the way for two big developments. Firstly, it has proven that users are ready for augmented reality and, secondly, it has shown other marketers the potential of these systems. We should expect to see more of these in 2017.
  • Recently, social media has begun optimising live video streaming. In fact, the first presidential debate was streamed live this year. This has been on an upward streak for the past few years- however has only recently been added into social networks such as Facebook. It is likely that 2017 will be the year where live video takes off, helping brands to become even more visible.
  • In marketing, data is lifeblood because quantitative information is needed in order to report who is buying what, when it is being bought and why it is being bought. As such, our brains were not made in order to process such large amounts information which is why it is exciting that technology is finally catching up. In 2017, it is expected that every business will start using the data visualisation tools online. The technology will be more expanded and sophisticated and therefore the data analysis needs will be better than ever.

Do you have any 2017 predictions for the future of SEO and internet marketing? Make sure to let us know!