Different Types of Internet Marketing Part 2

The internet is a very beneficial way that businesses and companies can help improve their presence online. After all, there are a whole range of different ways that we can adapt and personalise a campaign in order to target a certain audience. In the last blog, we talked about three different types of internet marketing that are widely used in order to increase the traffic that reaches a particular website and part two of this short blog series, we’re going to go over a few more…

E-mail Marketing

As a way to improve the relationship that a company shares with its customers, e-mail marketing is often presented in the form of newsletters or e-letters. In order for it to be successful, it relies upon consumers and potential customers signing up for a weekly e-mail that is automatically sent through a system in a bid to remind these individuals of the products the company sells or services they provide.


As a process that often takes place between like-minded individuals, business networking is the act of collaborating leads and referrals from one another in order to produce a significant amount of activity and increase their online presence. The act of networking can be carried out on many levels from small communities to expansive industries all over the world, meaning there is no limit.

Paid Advertisements

There is actually many levels of internet marketing and those we have been discussing so far are known as inbound marketing. This simply means that the methods are being used in ways to attract customers that are already searching for that particular product. On the other hand, paid advertising works to find customers that may not have been intending to find your company but did so by chance thanks to banner-ads and sponsored posts on social media.

It is perhaps even more important that an individual who is looking to implement internet marketing understands the industry as a whole. After all, each subcategory has a whole range of different topics within it that must be considered during a campaign, such as the importance of content within SEO. For more tips and tricks when it comes to the internet, check back for our next post

The Impact of Social Media on Business

The internet itself has become a very big part of everyday life however, within the past decade, social media has taken what we do online and spread it across various different platforms. In fact, we can now access the internet from our phones at the click of a button. Whilst there are several internet marketing methods and SEO tactics that can be put into place when it comes to a business’ online presence, the impact of social media cannot be forgotten. Here are a few ways social media has influenced the way we work business today…


There are a variety of different social media websites that can be used, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Each of these offer the opportunity for businesses to appeal to certain customers and create a brand image. The majority of people spend around 6 hours online every single day which means that social media is the best way to find potential customers and link them back to your website.

Word of Mouth

Social media allows for one simple post to spread across the world almost instantly and whilst you are technically relying on people to do this for you, it gets the information out to a much wider range of individuals. In fact, a simple ‘like’ of a post can attract the attention of thousands of people.

Customer Communication

Staying in contact with customers and potential clients is very important. Without the internet and social media, this would be done through a regular telephone. Despite this, its creation means that customers can ask questions and receive information almost instantly, which is very beneficial when communication is a vital part of sustaining any business.

Social Media marketing is a vital aspect of business and some people are beginning to consider it a part of the internet marketing process. After all, the days of newspapers ads are gradually slipping into the past whilst sponsored social media posts are very beneficial. For more top tips and facts, check back for our next blog!

SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

As you may have guessed, our speciality here at Internet Marketing Questions is to answer any queries you may have regarding the internet marketing and SEO industry. Recently, we have noticed that there are several questions that constantly reappearing on the web and we dedicated it was time to clear the air once and for all. Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers…

Will the absence of new content on my website affect my ranking?

It is recommended that a website has fresh content added to the site on a regular basis. This is because it can help boost your place on search engine rankings in regards of SEO. Plus, from the perspective of a potential client, it shows that your business is active and therefore trustworthy.

What should I do when my site isn’t generating new leads?

There are many reasons why a website using internet marketing is not providing enquires, including a lack of keyword optimisation, a low ranking in the search engine, technical problems and lack of indexable content. To understand why, it is important to have a report formatted so the service can be adjusted as needed.

What is keyword stuffing?

This is a black-hat SEO technique that was used within the 1980’s and 1990’s. It allowed service providers to manipulate the search engines and get websites to rank highly where they otherwise wouldn’t. Today, the technique is heavily penalised as search engines have become more intelligent and the focus is centred towards relevant content that match what a user is searching for.

If you have any more questions regarding the internet marketing industry, you’re definitely in the right place! Our aim is to provide the best knowledge possible in order to educate our readers on what should and should not be done as part of the service. For more tips and tricks, check back for our next blog!

Facts About Google

Google is the biggest search engine on the world wide web and has become so popular that it is often used as a verb. This means that people will saying that they ‘googled’ something or someone rather than saying they used the search engine in order to achieve a particular piece of information. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, all things related to the internet are our expertise and in this blog, we’re going to go over some exciting facts about Google…

  • Back in the early days of Googles infamous development at Stanford University, the search engines algorithm was stored on 10 completely separate 4GB hard drives! Their approach to searching the world wide web was to ensure that there was a large amount of space and storing the algorithm in this way allowed for this necessary space to be created.
  • At Mountain View, Google owns a staggering amount of land and it’s right to assume that this land must be tended to. Instead of employing real human workers, the experts over at Google decided to hire goats! With over 200 goats roaming the fields, they helps minimise the weeds and grass growth and are said to be more environmentally friendly than the cost of lawn mowers.

Learning something new is always exciting! Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we are always on hand to help our readers with any information they may require! For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out our next internet marketing blog!


Top SEO Tips

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that aims to gain traffic towards a particular website from the organic search results on a search engine. The initialism stands for Search Engine Optimisation and utilises certain phrases known as ‘keywords’ that are provided in the form of content in order to power the entire process of SEO. Sometimes, some SEO technicians will use black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and link farms in order to create the results they desire in the search results however these techniques are frowned upon and do not provide organic results. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we are always on hand to provide our readers with tips and tricks and in this blog, we’re going to focus on the world of SEO…

  • Choosing the keywords that you will be focussing on is a very important part of SEO however you cannot pick them randomly as research must be done beforehand to ensure that they are credible. For example, you must find out what keywords people are actually searching for as if your keyword isn’t gaining much searches already then you likely won’t attract traffic to a website.
  • In all areas of SEO, content is king and should be the part of the whole SEO process that is given the most attention. After all, this is the information that helps raise a website higher in the search engine rankings. The content that is created must be credible and relevant which means that it will appeal to what the searcher is looking for. In addition to this, the content must also be free of black hat techniques and keywords must not be stuffed into the writing or else google will not recognise it as a trustworthy website and the SEO ranking may be penalised.

Tips and tricks are just the tip of iceberg regarding the kind of information we offer here at Internet Marketing Questions. After all, we are the experts on anything and everything internet based! For more information on how to improve your SEO Services, check back for our next blog!