What Do We Know About The New iPhone?

Exciting news from Apply recently as we have begun seeing glimpses of the new iPhone design and specifications! Due to new regulations, the upcoming iPhone will be getting rid of its old charger to be replaced with USB-C which may not really affect the performance of the phone, but is quite a big change from Apple’s famous lightning charger. Apple was forced into this change to keep up with market laws, and we’re sure it’ll be weird for their customers at first too!

With the new Pro model the RAM will be getting a hefty increase so you can have more things running at once than ever before with no drop in performance. A new camera system which allows a 6x zoom that will keep its crisp photo quality is another exciting rumour floating around the new iPhone. This would be a welcome addition since it is quite hard with existing iPhones to maintain good quality pictures and videos at a high zoom.

The release date for the new iPhone will most likely be announced in September of 2023 which is a while away so if you’re excited for this release, you still have a little while to wait. But we’re sure that Apple will keep the updates coming to maintain that hype!

The price of the iPhone has not been released yet but no doubt with all these new features this will be one of the most expensive models to date! But as usual we expect Apple to offer a range of models for differing budgets. The pro model will definitely be the most expensive version but it might be worth it to snag yourself those valuable extras such as more RAM and faster processing speeds.

Apple are also rumoured to be bringing back haptic feedback home buttons, which provide a tactile response to touch screen buttons, helping the user to navigate easily and quickly. Haptic feedback offers the best of both worlds by giving the user tactile feedback on the press of a button without harming the water resistance of the device with the inclusion of new buttons!

If you would like to stay posted on news and articles about the upcoming iPhone, keep checking back on our blog for new information as it becomes available!