SEO Guide

SEO Guide

This Guide will go a long way to helping you rank on Google, in some cases it might be enough to get you on page 1 of Google; this all depends on the competition. A Step by step guide was the best way I thought I Could help People. To put a step by step guide together I just went through my process for this website.

Step by step beginners Guide to SEO

Step one: Know your market

Before even building my website I had to find out what traffic I could target. The idea behind the website was to help people who had questions about SEO and internet marketing. So I went to the Google keyword tool to find out if it was worth targeting internet marketing questions.  If you Google “Keyword tool” the first link is the tool I use:

It’s very simple to use:

  • Put phrase or keyword into the first box:

  • Fill in the spam box and click search.
  • The search results are based over the last month. The search results show you the Global and local searches of the Keywords you put in the box. The second sets of results are suggestions that are similar to the search terms. This is where I would get my keyword list from. My SEO Advice would be to target small and big keywords. The bigger keywords will always take time to reach page 1 for the smaller ones will be a bit easier.
  • Now internet marketing questions doesn’t have a massive volume but enough for me to target it.

Step Two: Picking the URL/Buying your Domain

The URL is the first thing search engines look at for the relevance of a website. So if you can get your keywords into the URL I find that helps massively. If you’re new to website building and you’re starting out small, my advice find a company that lets you host and buy domains. I used 1& fair price and good user friendly control panel.

Good news for me was that was available to purchase.

Step Three: Choosing a CMS System 

Now if your new to building website’s like I am and your design skills are “limited” like me then Word press Is hands down the way to go. The CMS system I feel is built with SEO in mind and Google seems to love it.

With WordPress you do need a hosting package that allows you to build a database. Installing WordPress isn’t that difficult in a nut shell you just download it change the wp-config with your database details and install it onto your server.  There are plenty of helpful tutorials out there on youtube etc.

Step Four: Content

Now content is a big thing with search engines at the moment. When right content you need to follow these simple steps

  1. Make sure its unique and not copied,
  2. Make sure it is relevant and you not talking about something that you don’t want to target on this page
  3. Make sure you mention your keywords a couple of times in the content.

If you follow these steps you should be good to go.

Step 5: Meta Titles and Headings

This is the Last step in this beginners guide to SEO.

Meta has to make sense and show search engines what you are all about. For example internet marketing questions is my URL so my first phrase in my title should say the same and my H1. Then alternative phrases I am targeting come next in my case SEO advice.



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