SEO Manchester

SEO Manchester

As Internet Marketing Questions is based in Stretford, Manchester I find it more ethical to do SEO Manchester wide. Getting a good local customer base is always a great way to build up a network,

Internet Marketing has become an essential part of any business and having the right team behind you is by far the most important factor. Internet Marketing Questions has developed into a ethical company and has a mission to become not only the best ethical SEO / Internet Marketing Company but a brand that the industry can be proud off.

SEO in Manchester

SEO is a crucial part of any internet marketing campaign and having a good team behind you makes all the difference. Internet Marketing Questions was founded by Phillip Collins and he set of on a campaign to find the best people with the same ethics. People have tried to fool Google over the years to try and cheat there rankings, however Google will always win in the end with its algorithm changes. The best way to get the natural rankings is to follow the Google guidelines and to improve the techniques that Google gives us to follow. For more information on how Google is cracking down on these black hat SEO techniques just Google the latest algorithm changes “Panda” and “Penguin”.

Manchester is one of the most competitive places to SEO. I am going to use this page to list my campaigns I have been working on for Manchester based companies.

My hardest campaign so far for Manchester based keywords has to be for my former company who I got to the top of page 1 for “SEO manchester”. This Keyword was tough mainly because I was going up against other SEO companies which means I had to be better than everyone else. To do this I had to change my strategy and make sure I was using every part of my internet marketing skills to power the home page.

My Manchester case studies can be found on the portfolio page.