SEO Oldham

SEO  in Oldham

Internet Marketing Questions has began a campaign in Oldham and has already started getting some massive results for some local companies in Oldham.

This SEO in Oldham campaign all started when a friend of mine, had another friend, who was unsure if he was getting the best service for his money.

My friend came to me and asked me to do a health check on the company website, what I found wasn’t that bad it looked like someone had spent a little on it, but maybe didn’t have the time to spend on it that the site needed. It had a lot of OK foundations but nothing to our skill set.

The bottom line is the money he was spending wasn’t worth what he was getting in return. Now that someone (IMQ) has done the job to a good standard and at a cheaper cost. The company in Oldham is very happy and getting the results back that the company deserves from its Internet Marketing Campaign.

I have written this page to target SEO in Oldham to help out anyone else in Oldham who thinks they should be seeing better results if you need to ask the hard questions and not sure what to ask let us to do it for you and we will never charge for telling you information companies should tell you anyway.