Exploring the Best Sports Marketing Campaigns of All Time

We are back again, but this time we will be exploring some of the best sports marketing campaigns of all time. By 2028, the sports industry alone is set to be worth over 680 billion USD! In today’s article, we are going to be taking you through one of the main reasons why the industry is worth so much, and this is partially down to some of the industry’s marketing campaigns throughout the years. Some of these campaigns are nothing short of genius, and we encourage everybody to take notes on some of these amazing tactics. Let’s get straight into it!

#ThisGirlCan Marketing Campaign:

The English Sports Council released the #ThisGirlCan marketing campaign, in which they addressed a serious issue in such a beautiful manner. The aim of this campaign was to inspire more women to participate in sports after a spike in sexist behaviours towards women in the sporting industry. This message was delivered through a powerful video, which now has well over 8 million views and over 1 million shares on the ‘ThisGirlCan’ hashtag. Thanks to this marketing campaign, millions of women were empowered to participate in sports.

Nike – You Can’t Stop Us:

Nike is infamous for using storytelling as a tactic when it comes to their marketing campaign. One of the most successful examples of Nike’s storytelling is the ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign. This campaign was released in the mists of the global pandemic and at the time where racism was at a worrying high. The campaign tells a resilient and passionate story through the lens of an athlete. This campaign was able to address a serious matter effectively.

Under Armour – Rule Yourself:

This marketing campaign was a perfect example of how global brands can also benefit from sports marketing campaigns. This is because the Rule Yourself campaign was one of the main reasons Under Armour was able to achieve record revenue in 2016. This campaign was all about the behind-the-scenes struggle of training in a sport. This advert really struck a chord with millions across the globe.

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