All About Influencer Marketing 

Over the last ten years or so, social media has run the world. From Facebook to TikTok there is always a new trend or life hack to guide and entertain audiences across the globe. It is now a must-have marketing tool used by companies, big and small, to grow their business by promoting new products or showing the audience what it’s like to work for them I.e. A Day in the Life. 

Most people in today’s society will spend a portion of their day or week on social media platforms and are paving the way for new marketing tools every day. From TikTok Shop to Instagram Live, there are new features that are created frequently to ensure that platforms stay relevant. There are so many tools and features for companies to use on social media platforms to boost their businesses and it has definitely made a difference.  

Influencers play a huge part in marketing nowadays. From PR packages to sponsorships, they have transformed companies into including influencer marketing in their weekly, monthly, or yearly campaigns.  

An influencer is a person who promotes products or services to try and influence you to buy or use something. For example, if a makeup influencer gets sent a makeup product, they are being gifted items or are being paid to influence you to get on board and try the same product. You will often notice that influencers will give their audiences unique discount codes, this will most likely mean that they will earn a commission from that code. 

Not all influencers will be given equal opportunities, their skills and creativity will make a difference between whether they will be gifted items and paid for content or they will be referred to an affiliate programme or a waitlist. 

Influencer marketing can be really beneficial for a business, especially if this Instagrammer, Tiktoker, Youtuber, etc. Has a big following. This can help a business take off and see sales rocket. There is also a risk that a company could send items out and not receive any content from an influencer then they have lost out on potential sales.  

All in all, influencer marketing does look like one of the more modern ways of marketing and spreading the word about a company. 

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