Internet Marketing Questions page 1 position 5

My aim for this blog was to get a good Page Rank and be top of Google for Internet Marketing Questions. I was expecting  it to take me a good few months to just be on page 1 of Google because there is a competition of 30 million pages.

However I checked this morning and I have Google Page rank of 1/10  and i am now position 5 of the Google rankings for my biggest keyword Internet Marketing Questions.

I am still learning all the tricks in the trade of internet marketing but I believe i can get anyone to page 1 of Google and help their business grow.

Its not been easy and it has taken up a lot of my weekend gaming time but one day I hope it will all pay off. This blog will not only help business succeed from all its web marketing tips but I hope it will help MonkeyFish Marketing (the company I work for) become known as the most customer friendly internet marketing company out their, because we believe we are the best company on the market.