5 Step SEO guide

5 Step SEO Guide

its been awhile since my last post mainly due to the fact I have been really busy and had a very alcohol fueled Christmas and New Year. Plus I needed to do some research.

2012 has the potential to be my best year ever for the following reason:

  • First of all I am getting Married in September
  • Got a new action plan for all my clients and I can’t see me failing with this new plan as long as I work hard
  • I am also feeling more and more confident about my SEO techniques as they seem to be working well.

I also have begun my new Project called the Customer Journey which you will hear more about if you keep in touch.

Last year i promised you an SEO guide it is now on my website and please tell me your thoughts,

my new contact box is up so its even easier to contact me,

Any questions please send them in.