The value of Internet Marketing

The value of Internet Marketing

I know you can’t get through to everyone but I find it hard to believe that so many people don’t know the value of internet marketing people. I know the internet marketing industry has its bad eggs but you can’t judge everyone SEO expert by what you hear.

This may seem like a bit of a rant and it is but I need to at least make my readers aware that internet marketing is more valuable then the website itself. I know companies that have spent thousands on the design and look of a website but have second thoughts on the marketing of it. I mean for a couple of hundred quid a month you get someone looking after your website doing everything he can to get the website moving up Google and getting traffic to the site. You get a full marketing strategy on trends of traffic and before you get a chance to show off you get companies going what are you doing?

For most companies you emply a sales guy for lets ssay 16k a year. If you paid me that a year to work on your website I would have a budget to do amazing things. I would not all drive and generate more conversion that any salesman I would drive more sales through your till than a hole team of 16K sales people.

I can give anyone reading this a free SEO consultation and educate them on how I can help there business before I even no there name,

Ok rant over