How do I get onto page 1 of Google

How do I get onto page 1 of Google?

The obvious answer is Hire me lol,

This question maybe the reason that internet marketing started in the first place I seriously believe it’s the reason that internet marketing is so in demand in recent times.
To get to page one of Google you need to first learn what Google looks at on your site.
The reason Google is so popular and why it is the people’s first choice of search engine is because of how it brings up search results. When you type in a Keyword/phrase into Google you get the best results and the results a relevant to what you have typed in unlike some search engines.

This does not happen by luck!


With Google being so popular there is no easy trick to getting to page 1 of Google (natural listings that is). If there was I would be so rich id live on the moon. To solve this question you have to understand Google and what it likes and dislikes.
Google has two important factors when searching your website, Trust (or otherwise called popularity) and Relevance.
You build trust with Google with time, the more Google reads your website and doesn’t find any copied content or things it really doesn’t like the more trust you build with it. So it’s very hard to build trust with a brand new site (but not impossible).
To make your website relevant to Google you have to understand the 4 main points Google looks at on your site and make sure Google reads these points correctly. I will use my website as an example.

I want to be page 1 for Internet Marketing Questions in the UK Google searches (for now)
So the first thing I know that Google Reads is The URL so I got the domain so I’ve told Google that my website is about Internet marketing questions through the name of the site. (A keyword domain is a great tip)
Second thing I know Google reads is the meta title so my title has internet marketing questions as the first thing it reads.(quick tip don’t spam title otherwise it will really dislike you for this).
Third thing Google looks at is the description (but remember this is also the section people will read about your website before they click through). So I have said on the description of my site that it involves Internet marketing questions.
Fourth point Google looks at is the headings of your site or H1 Tags as they are otherwise known.

If you follow these points you are well on your way to earning Google’s understanding (or relevance) and trust. This might even be enough to get you onto Page 1 of Google. Obviously it depends on what your keyword is and how many people want the same page 1 ranking.