How important is internet marketing?

How important is internet marketing?

My feelings on this matter are all over my website, how important is internet marketing? My answer would be that maybe just maybe this could be the most important thing a business can do these days. Getting their internet marketing correct can make or break a business.  People can spend thousands and thousands of pounds on a website. But you wouldn’t build the best Casino that anyone has ever seen and stick it where no one can find it (well not if you want any customers that is). It’s the same online.

No point selling something if no one can find you. Most web design courses I know of don’t cover internet marketing at all so there is a good chance that many web designers don’t know much about it. I did a degree in computers I never even heard the phrase internet marketing. My advice get an adviser before you even buy a domain.

Buying a domain is also part of SEO. I know I can give some amazing advice on the best way to by a domain for your business. Internet marketing can start before you even have a website.

Thank you for this internet marketing question.

bob the builder (asked me not to give his name)

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