The Impact of Social Media on Business

The internet itself has become a very big part of everyday life however, within the past decade, social media has taken what we do online and spread it across various different platforms. In fact, we can now access the internet from our phones at the click of a button. Whilst there are several internet marketing methods and SEO tactics that can be put into place when it comes to a business’ online presence, the impact of social media cannot be forgotten. Here are a few ways social media has influenced the way we work business today…


There are a variety of different social media websites that can be used, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Each of these offer the opportunity for businesses to appeal to certain customers and create a brand image. The majority of people spend around 6 hours online every single day which means that social media is the best way to find potential customers and link them back to your website.

Word of Mouth

Social media allows for one simple post to spread across the world almost instantly and whilst you are technically relying on people to do this for you, it gets the information out to a much wider range of individuals. In fact, a simple ‘like’ of a post can attract the attention of thousands of people.

Customer Communication

Staying in contact with customers and potential clients is very important. Without the internet and social media, this would be done through a regular telephone. Despite this, its creation means that customers can ask questions and receive information almost instantly, which is very beneficial when communication is a vital part of sustaining any business.

Social Media marketing is a vital aspect of business and some people are beginning to consider it a part of the internet marketing process. After all, the days of newspapers ads are gradually slipping into the past whilst sponsored social media posts are very beneficial. For more top tips and facts, check back for our next blog!