Google increases its network

There’s no denial about it that Google is the most powerful tool on the planet and the most used by billions of people around the globe. We use it for everything today; searching for recipes, online shopping, commercial services, and even to find an answer to a question that has been bugging you for days. You’ve heard the saying “Google it!”

Latest news has revealed that the search engine giants have just bought online analytics agency Adometry.

Adometry is a marketing analytics company who helps both marketers and advertises to connect with one another via online advertising and consumer purchases, which is a perfect business decision from Google. The firm will work closely along side with Google’s own analytics team. The aim is for Adometry’s data-driven attribution techniques to get further incorporated into Google’s forever expanding advertising network and exchange.

Not only this, Adometry has links with fraud detection services, which is ideal for Google and their online consumers, as it will enable them to wipe out counterfeit traffic and bots.

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