3 Misconceptions About SEO

Although search engine optimisation has been around since the dawn of the modern web browser, there are many people who still do not completely understand its function within the internet marketing industry. After all, SEO is a specialist area that is unique because it can be understood and implemented by anybody willing to learn the rules. Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over three common misconceptions that people still believe about SEO…

Should content be optimised for the search engine?

Many technicians make the mistake of over-optimising their website with the search engine algorithms in mind and whilst they may be important, it is vital that every aspect of the algorithms are taken into consideration. After all, many search engines actually place a lot of focus on user experience and over-optimising a site can end up having negative repercussions by affecting this quality.

Is Google the best search engine for SEO?

Although the Google search engine is the most well-known on the web, it is not the only option that SEO technicians can optimise a campaign for. In fact, the belief that Google is the one and only option can be very problematic because its popularity means that the competition is very fierce. As a result, many technicians choose to optimise for other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo! instead.

Are SEO results time-consuming and ineffective to achieve?

It is important that a technician reassures a website owner of the length of an average campaign. After all, SEO focuses on building up a trust with the search engine which means that it can take several months of consistent, ethical hard work before results begin to show in the SERPs. If a client is expecting instant and fast results, it can lead to the incorrect belief that SEO is an ineffective marketing method.

The first thing that any budding technician should remember is that the SEO industry is constantly changing and adapting with the times. After all, the search engines have cracked down considerably on the use of black-hat methods, which were popular during the early days. In order to understand the ins and outs of SEO, it is vital that any information is obtained from an expert of the industry. To find out more, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!