Thinking Of Going into Aussie


As you may have noticed not much action on IMQ for the last 3 weeks, that’s because we had taken a short holiday to Australia. (I say we I mean me). I went over there for a family wedding and meet some family I haven’t seen in a long time,

Loved every minute of it,

I went to the west side of Australia to a place called Perth. I may of been on my hols but I am never far from thinking about my work and my head was full of ideas. My next challenge I am thinking of doing is buying a domain and targeting a few SEO related keywords over there just to test the water.

Also while I was over someone told me it couldn’t be done and I love a challenge like that. There is a time element involved but I think New Year would be a good time to start this.

So look out think I am going to target the land down under.