Misconceptions about internet marketing

Currently people still believe some of these common misconceptions with regards to internet marketing. Here we will go through a few of those misconceptions and show you how internet marketing can help you and your business.


Some people believe that quality isn’t important, but this couldn’t be more wrong. Creating unique content of a high quality is so important, as this is what is going to bring traffic to your site which in turn will increase your ranking in the search engines. It’s well-written content that is going to engage the people on your site and get them to stay and keep coming back to your site and purchase from it if that is one of your goals. You should provide detailed, useful information as well as good-quality photos, blurbs and pricing if these are applicable.


Having a website is good, however it is important that the website stays up to date and has frequent new content. Additionally, having social media accounts will help drive traffic to your site and you will be able to engage with followers more efficiently and build up your business brand on different platforms. Having your website look good as well as easy to navigate on both computers and mobile devices is really important as a lot of people use mobile devices more frequently and if your website is messy or confusing, they will just exit your site.

Not relevant to small businesses

Internet Marketing is just as important when it comes to small businesses as it gives you a chance to reach more customers and gives you the options to sell directly to your customers. Also, with social media you can engage with your customers and followers on a more personal level, and you can also react, comment and like their comments more frequently. Its quicker that responding to an email and you can tailor your responses and your replies better. This is something that larger business struggle with as they aren’t as personal and there are a lot more restrictions.

Internet Marketing is essential and can be very helpful for you and your business. You should utilise anything you can that can help support and grow your business.