The Lowdown on the Google Penguin Update

Google updates are added in order to ensure that sites are secure and that results are legit during searches. There are quite a few types different updates, however Internet Marketing Questions are going to go over the Penguin update…

What is it?

Google Penguin is a code name for a specific google algorithm. It was announced on the 24th of April 2012 and it’s major aim was decreasing the search engine ranking of certain websites which did not follow the webmaster guidelines. These websites were using black hat SEO tactics which helped them to artificially increase their page ranking with manipulated links pointing to their page.

Effect on Search Results

According to estimates, the Penguin update affected around 3.1% of search engine queries in English and around 3% of queries in German, Arabic and Chinese. In fact, it affected a very high percentage of the results in what was deemed ‘highly spammed’ languages. Many  other updated versions of Google Penguin were also implemented in order to update the black-hat techniques that were being penalised.


Google prepared what was called a Feedback Form two days after the update was released. It was separate into two different categories; one for those who wanted to report web spam still ranking highly and another for those who thought that their site was unfairly targeted by the new algorithm. In January of 2015, John Mueller from Google announced that the Penguin penalty could be removed by the building of good links.

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