The Lowdown on Zero Click Searches

According to statistics that were released during the third quarter of 2019, over half of Google searches do not involve a click onto more in-depth content. As a result, many SEO technicians are struggling to obtain the traditional results that would be expected from an ethical, high-quality campaign. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we’ve decided to go over zero-click searches and why they are on the rise…

What are zero-click searches?

When a user makes a search query and does not click on a website in the SERPs because they have found the information that they require immediately, it is known as a zero click search. As a result, SEO technicians are forced to compete ruthlessly because ranking at the top spot no longer provides all the benefits that it once did.

What has caused zero-click searches?

Although there are many different factors that have led to the increase of zero-click searches, many people attribute the change to the introduced of Google featured snippets in the SERPs. These are small amounts of information that are taken from the first organically listed page that gives the user a brief answer to their question. As a result, many people choose not to venture any further by clicking on a site, leading to a zero-click search

Is on-SERP SEO a necessary service?

In order to combat the rise of zero-click searches, it is important that technicians consider implementing on-SERP optimisation. This allows a website to obtain more exposure in the SERPs in order to encourage users to visit an actual website. In fact, owning a featured snippet, ‘People Also Ask’ box and image/video searches are the most effective on-SERP SEO practices and can prevent zero-click searches from destroying a traditional SEO campaign.

The Google search engine is constantly changing as the algorithms that govern the ranking process are updated so often that it is difficult to keep track of them. With this said, the algorithms are not the only aspect that Google is adapting as the implementation of snippets and other on-SERP information is forcing SEO technicians to change their strategy considerably. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!