Facebook and the Political Advertising Climate

As the most popular social media platform on the internet, Facebook has a lot of responsibility to set the right example. In fact, the company, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Huges, has been under recent pressure to tighten their rules and regulations regarding its advertising policies. Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over everything there is to know about Facebook and the current political advertising climate it is involved in…

Does Facebook rely on advertising?

Since Facebook doesn’t charge its users a subscription fee in order to use the social media platform, it gets a lot of its revenue from advertising. In fact, businesses like Mcdonalds, KFC and UberEats are just a few examples of big brands that make use of the advertising platform in order to reach a wider audience. After all, the social media site allows businesses to target their audience based on gender, age, location and other similar interests.

The Political Advertising Scandals

Although the advertising platform that Facebook offers can allow businesses to share their deals with potential customers, it has also become a popular tool for politicians too. With this said, an investigation found that ads were being altered based on the audience in order to give users a different interpretation of a particular policy. Since the lack of regulations are thought to have impacted the UK General Election in December 2019, Facebook has been urged to alter their policies for political advertisements in preparation for the US Election in November 2020.

Does Facebook’s unethical stance affect internet marketing?

Although social platforms like Facebook do not directly affect an ongoing marketing campaign, the lack of intent to change its policies regarding political advertising suggests a double standard for technicians. After all, search engines place a lot of emphasis on user friendly and ethical approaches which is a characteristic that should be implemented across the board, particularly when many bands are penalised for sharing incorrect information in the form of advertisements on Facebook. In fact, social signals can help create brand awareness for a website which is why honestly and ethicality in ads and posts is so important.

Since social media has become an integral part of society, with almost 3 billion users across the world, it has been hit with a media backlash following CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to defying pressure from Congress and change the policies when it comes to lies in political advertisements on the platform. After all, lies in SEO are considered unethical and do not create long-lasting, reliable results. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!