The Google/SEO Game

Playing the SEO game

It’s been a while since my last post; the reason being is that I have been hard at work playing the SEO game. Over the years I have called my Job/profession a game and people always ask why you think of it as a game.

What is the Game?

The reason I call SEO a game is because I don’t like cheaters and I love to play a fair game. Google is always cracking down on people who break its guidelines or as I like to call the cheaters. Because I see SEO as a game and I love playing the game so much I believe that is what makes me 1 of the top Internet Marketing consultants and why I get so many good results for my clients.

How to play the Game

The SEO game or the Google game is easy to play and hard to master. The good thing about this Google game is that you can pick and choose the level you want to play, what I mean by that is the level is decided by the Keyword you want to target. So for example if you want an easy level to start off with you choose a less competitive phrase like “SEO Oldham” where there are only a few players and with a good site you can take most of the competition out straight away. The next level would be “SEO Manchester” and then you can go onto “Internet Marketing Manchester” and then National phrases would be entering the premiership.  All you need to play is a keyword to target and a domain to play with. Or in gamer terms a console and a game to play on it.

The definitions

This is how I think of each part of Google:
My Domains/Pages = Players or Characters
Keywords = Difficulty of levels
Other Google listing = other players

Panda and penguin

Google is big a fair play and doesn’t like anyone trying to cheat. Which is why panda and penguin was realised it wasn’t to make the game harder the game is still the same as it always was. Penguin and panda just made players a more even match and got rid of a lot of cheaters.

Every Gamer loves to be the best player at a certain game. My aim is to be the best player at this game and so far I am well on the way to do this.