Fighting the good SEO Fight

Internet Marketing Questions and its successful SEO Services.

With lots of SEO companies having such a bad stigma in the UK, It’s nice to read about some successful stories and the founder of Internet Marketing Questions has had some great success over the years.

My name is Phillip Collins and this is my story on how I am trying to fight the good fight,

My first battle in this fight was when I was given the task off getting a client to the top of Google for “forklift training”. The company I was with had promised this client that they could accomplish this. When I was given the account he wasn’t in the top 20 pages of Google. 3 months later with my SEO techniques he was on page 1 and not long after that he was position 1 of Google for the biggest keyword in his industry.

All warriors have to start somewhere and my training was tough but worthwhile and I have listed my top 4 keywords that I am quite proud of: (to date)

“hot tubs”


“handyman services”

“estate agent westminster”

Moving onto my next company and my main challenge was creating my own team and this is where I became a real player in the SEO game and this is where the dream team was born. As well as training up a good team I managed to get some great achievements here as well.

my top 4

“weight” number  1 in

SEO Manchester” number 1 in

“Dog Supplies” top 3 of google

“Chauffeur Services” top 3 of

Now I have decide the best way to fight the good fight is to do the work myself on a freelance bases. That is why IMQ can be hired on a freelance bases.

Being in Manchester I have started out helping the local people but we now reach as for as Nashville in the states. The IMQ story has been hard work but I have never been more happier and now IMQ is leading the way and will never stop fighting the good fight.