How can internet Marketing help Businesses?

Internet marketing is a massively growing medium for business selling, whether you are a boutique shop selling handbags or an interior designer, internet marketing can help your business augment.
A reason for this is customers will be able to find you through search engines, such as Google, at their convenience. Potentially you could have people shopping 24 hours a day through your website- there are not many shops that can afford to do this. Additionally you won’t just be relying on a small geographical area as your customer base, as with internet marketing, your goods will be viewable to anyone across the world who have internet access. To increase the likely hood of that all-important sale, you need an effective website that will keep your visitors engaged for longer and more likely to buy your product.
However, just because you have a website does not guarantee that you will be found on Google by your customers. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can help with this, it improves your online footprint, by making it easier for people to find you, utilising the key words for your products. IMQ can recommend companies like Metavibe Limited ( who can can complete a Health Check free of charge, which will ascertain where your website is ranking on Google and will also contain what can be improved to utilise SEO more effectively for your business.
Moreover internet marketing has the additional advantage of free promotion and advertising through your website. Linking to this is developing an email list, which is a much more efficient and cheaper than handing out leaflets. It is advisable to offer an incentive for people to sign up, for example include offers such as ‘free delivery on your next order.’
Also having a website which is compatible with phone internet is becoming more important now, as more and more people own a smart phone and using them to shop seems to be trend now. Good Web designers always insure that any website they build is compatible with mobile internet for this reason.
To summarise, being found by Google can increase traffic to your site and reach potential customers 24 hours a day, increasing the number of browsers and consequently the number of potential customers.