Are 1 page sites a good idea?

An old SEO technique that used to work in some search engines was buying keyword domains and putting a 1 page website on that domain which then re-directs the traffic to their own company.


IMQ was recently asked this question “I have found a gap in the market for a certain keyword and if I buy the keyword domain and stick a 1 page site on it will it get onto page 1 of Google”


The simple answer for this question is NO.


Any keyword worth targeting (i.e. large traffic volume) wouldn’t get onto page 1 with a 1 page site. The main reason for this is Google no longer treats the URL domain name as highly as it used to. Google now focuses more on the relevance of you content throughout the whole of your site.

Other Suggestion

To take advantage of a “gap in the market” like this I would recommend the following path to follow.
Having the domain can be an advantage and can give you a slight edge when tackling a competitive market but won’t happen overnight.
The best course of action would be to turn the domain into an interactive blog. To do this get a website designed in software like WordPress and start writing lots of content relevant to the market you are trying to target. Make sure your SEO and internet marketing campaign is done in an ethical manner and don’t forget to introduce the social media platforms to the site.
For quicker results a good idea is to find the cities using these phrases more than others and localise the campaign for the first few months and lay in foundations for a national campaign. This way once the site has gathered some strength you may be able to change the focus to a national phrases with better results.What I mean by this is instead of targeting SEO target SEO Manchester instead to start of with.

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