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SEO in Oldham

I wanted to share a situation with my followers, I have a new friend (well friend of a friend) that owns a company in Oldham and his web company were charging him through the roof for national keywords, so my friend asked me to do a health check on the site to see if the SEO company (might of even been a freelancer) was doing a good job, if I am honest the answer was yes but not value for money.

Ill explain what I mean, When doing a good job for someone in this business it takes more than focusing on 5 keywords, then trying to get them onto page 1 then and saying job done, Too do a good job these days you have to fully optimise the site and change the focus of keywords depending on trends. For example I am a top SEO person who lives in Stretford, Manchester so I should really target Stretford as well as national phrase, but no traffic and I don’t sell myself I give my information away for free. but if I was an SEO Company in Oldham for example I would optimise my main site for both SEO Manchester and SEO Oldham so that I was available to my local companies, bottom line is this person toke my advice and now has a healthy income of local traffic,

A good piece of SEO Advice or Internet Marketing tips is go where you can convert the traffic not where the numbers are, If you would like my help with a free health check i can help anyone in the UK, and yes i can cover Manchester and can do SEO Oldham wide.

just send me a quick email using the form provided.