How to Protect a Website From Hackers

The websites that become the victim of hacking are often ran by business owners who think that their site is not a tempting target. Unfortunately, many website hackers will target any site they can gain access to in order to use the server as an email relay for spam. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we want our readers to ensure that their website is protected at all times. Read on as we go over three top tips that will prevent hackers from bypassing even the best security…

Why is HTTPS important?

As a protocol that delivers security over the internet, HTTPS ensures that users are communicating with the right server and that the information cannot be changed during transit. After all, hackers can intercept sensitive data with ease when security measures are not put into place and this is why HTTPS should be used in order to deliver information like banking details or login passwords.

Can security tools detect malicious hacker activity?

Although an antivirus can detect malicious activity on a website that may harm a user, it cannot detect a hacker that may be affecting a specific website that is owned by a user. As a result, it is important that website owners invest in security tools like Netsparker, OpenVAS or in order to test their XSS, SQL injection and online vulnerability.

Why should website software always be kept up to date?

A hacker operates by taking advantage of weak parts of a server which is why website owners should ensure that their server and any software that it is running is kept up to date at all times. After all, outdated systems give hackers the perfect opportunity to exploit a website and implement a hack. On the other hand, third-party software users should ensure that security patches are applied sooner rather than later.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we believe that a website should always be protected by a high-quality security program. After all, most hacks are carried out automatically by scripts that browse the internet for software issues that can be easily exploited. Plus, a hacked website can affect an SEO campaign considerably. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!