The Disadvantages of PPC Marketing

The internet marketing industry is overflowing with a wide range of different methods that business owners can choose to implement, however some are thought to offer more benefits than others. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a popular choice that many marketers looking for fast results tend to opt for, and it is thought to be the main competitor of search engine optimisation (SEO). Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over some of the disadvantages of investing in a PPC marketing campaign…

What is the ROI on a PPC marketing campaign?

Since PPC campaigns rely on the use of advertisement banners that are placed at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), business owners often believe that their site will be noticed by web users more easily. After all, 60% of people click on Google Ads when browsing the web. With this said, PPC marketing relies on a money pot and a fee is deducted each time a user clicks on a website, regardless of whether or not they enquire about the services on offer. As a result, the Return on Investment (ROI) is thought to be much lower than other alternative marketing methods.

Does PPC marketing create organic traffic results?

Whilst the mechanics are different, PPC advertisements are displayed based on a specific keyword  just like SEO and the banners will appear in the SERPs when a user searches for the appropriate keyword. As a result, it is possible to obtain organic traffic, however it is important to remember that the website itself will not be found organically because the click from the user relies on the ad being in place. In fact, this traffic is sometimes credited as ‘paid traffic’ rather than organic traffic.

Are PPC results a long-term marketing solution?

Depending on the size of businesses marketing budget, it is possible to conduct a high-quality PPC campaign that provides a wealth of conversions. With this said, the banner advertisements are removed from their top spot once there is no more money left in the pot which means that paid marketing is considered an ineffective long-term option. With this said, many business owners often choose to implement many different methods, including PPC and SEO, simultaneously.

Although there is nothing wrong with the PPC industry, the results that are obtained often depend on the depth of the business owner’s pockets. After all, small businesses tend to have a small budget when it comes to their marketing efforts. Luckily, a high-quality SEO campaign can provide long-lasting and reliable results. To find out more information about the differences between SEO and PPC, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!