Discuss Internet marketing as a tool of competitive advantage in the global economy?

This is a question I wasn’t expecting to get asked, however it is a great question, I have never really thought of internet marketing as a tool to get any advantage, I have always attacked any marketing campaign as a big online game that needs time, skill and planning.
This however doesn’t stop me from answering the question,


Using internet marketing skills is a great way to see what the competition is up to and plan accordingly.
I think most, if not all global industries are a battlefield for top SEO consultants no matter where you are in the world. Getting onto page 1 is all about letting Google know what you are all about and what you should be on page 1 for,
The best way to check up on a competition is check on what he is targeting. Look through the site like Google does.

Viewing the source

Now a few years ago to get ranked you had to included something we call meta keywords, now a lot of experienced SEO consultants still use these, I think more out of habit than anything else. When you view the source of a page within a website looking for this tag will show you what they want to target with this page.
The other way is to look at their Meta titles and descriptions and this should also indicate what they want to target on those pages.


Any campaign that wants to go global must have a blog. Sign up to the RSS feed of the company you want to watch and look at what the blog is trying to say and what it is pushing within that blog and internal links,
If you are a new start up and you are looking to compete with someone online the above is a good way to start research as well.
Don’t forget to look at the Google keyword tool to see if you can find better keywords for your business.

Back links

Check what back links the domain has this should give you a clear idea of what they have been pushing and sometimes you may a few you can get yourself.