Different Types of Internet Marketing Part 2

The internet is a very beneficial way that businesses and companies can help improve their presence online. After all, there are a whole range of different ways that we can adapt and personalise a campaign in order to target a certain audience. In the last blog, we talked about three different types of internet marketing that are widely used in order to increase the traffic that reaches a particular website and part two of this short blog series, we’re going to go over a few more…

E-mail Marketing

As a way to improve the relationship that a company shares with its customers, e-mail marketing is often presented in the form of newsletters or e-letters. In order for it to be successful, it relies upon consumers and potential customers signing up for a weekly e-mail that is automatically sent through a system in a bid to remind these individuals of the products the company sells or services they provide.


As a process that often takes place between like-minded individuals, business networking is the act of collaborating leads and referrals from one another in order to produce a significant amount of activity and increase their online presence. The act of networking can be carried out on many levels from small communities to expansive industries all over the world, meaning there is no limit.

Paid Advertisements

There is actually many levels of internet marketing and those we have been discussing so far are known as inbound marketing. This simply means that the methods are being used in ways to attract customers that are already searching for that particular product. On the other hand, paid advertising works to find customers that may not have been intending to find your company but did so by chance thanks to banner-ads and sponsored posts on social media.

It is perhaps even more important that an individual who is looking to implement internet marketing understands the industry as a whole. After all, each subcategory has a whole range of different topics within it that must be considered during a campaign, such as the importance of content within SEO. For more tips and tricks when it comes to the internet, check back for our next post