3 Search Engine Alternatives to Google

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we want to provide our readers with the knowledge necessary to implement a high-quality campaign that will provide clients with the results they desire. With this said, optimising for a search engine is a delicate task that must be done correctly in order to prevent ranking penalisations. In fact, it is also vital that technicians optimise with a specific search engine in mind. Read on as we go over three alternatives to Google…


As the second in command after Google, the Bing search engine has 24.2% US market shares as of 2018. With this said, many believe that it is more effective than its competitor because it can be optimised for every aspect, including image search, whereas Google images are often optimised with Chrome in mind. As a result, Bing can provide technicians and users with reliable results without the competition looming over one’s shoulder.


Ignoring alternative search engines like Yahoo! can cause marketers to miss out on a big chunk of traffic. After all, the Yahoo! search engine holds 11.7% of US market shares as of 2017 which may not be as big as Google or Bing but it does mean that 1 in 10 people will utilise it every single day. In addition to this, optimising for Yahoo! is not as complicated and offers the benefit of reduced competition which means that marketers are more likely to obtain long-lasting results.


As one of the most overt search engines, DuckDuckGo tends to obtain traffic quietly. After all, this search engine handles data in a very different way in comparison to traditional search engines like Google because it doesn’t store personal information or browsing history, doesn’t track a user as they use the internet and doesn’t display ads across similar pages. In 2017, DuckDuckGo earned 6 billion searches which saw a 50% increase from 2016 and this means that optimising SEO for the search engine could prove beneficial over the next decade.

Although the Google search engine has held the top spot for many years, the competition for ranking is often fierce which can make it difficult for small businesses to rank effectively. With this said, alternative search engines like Bing can deliver effective results and are a popular option for SEO technicians who prefer not to optimise for Google. To find out more information, get in contact with the SEO Enterprise team today!