Traditional Marketing Methods That SEO Replaced

Although SEO has only been in the picture for around three decades, it has managed to take over the entire internet marketing industry. In fact, even its biggest competitor, PPC, hasn’t managed to gain as much traction as search engine optimisation has. Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over three traditional marketing methods that have effectively been replaced by the popularity of SEO…


Although it is true that billboards are still a common sight, they are typically utilised by large companies that can afford the additional marketing expense. In fact, billboards in city centres tend to be digital which can be even more costly. After all, billboards are a traditional yet outdated marketing method that were once incredibly effective, however the introduction of smartphones means that fewer people now look out of the window during car rides in order to see the advertisements. Plus, we often turn to Google in order to sought out a service which makes a high ranking in the SERPs more important than ever.

Newspaper Adverts

At one point in time, every business would long for a favourable advertisement spot in the local newspaper, however statistics suggest that just 40% of people still read a traditional newspaper because the news is now consumed through the internet. As a result, social media advertisements that are boosted by organic SEO are considered a more effective alternative because it allows businesses to reach potential clients from all over the world with just the click of a button.

Cold Calling

It has never been easier to vet a business and ensure that it is as trustworthy as it seems with the internet at out finger tips. After all, cold calling is not as prevalent in 2020 as it once was 40 years ago as businesses would try to spread the word about their service and encourage people to make a purchase by the end of the phone call. Whilst cold calling has not completely vanished, it is often a method utilised by dubious companies. Instead, many businesses tend to invest in SEO in order to create organic conversions without hassling potential customers over the phone.

It is important to note that traditional marketing methods are still utilised by a small percentage of business owners, however they are often less successful than internet marketing campaigns. After all, the internet allows a company to reach clients from a variety of different locations, stay in contact with them at all times and even track the interactions that a user make on a website as it happens. To find out more information about SEO and why it is so effective, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!