Social media and SEO can work together

As a recommended SEO expert I would like to share some quick tips with my readers. Over the course of the last few months I have noticed that Social media can actually work with SEO and not as too separate campaigns.

With Google trying everything to push Google+ and make it in the social media world it stands to reason that being a fan of Google+ can help your rankings.

I have been experimenting with Google+ and Facebook to see which one helps you Google Rankings more. Even though I have no actually proof being on Google+ does seem to help maintain my Google Rankings for my customers. The experiment continues but the reason for this post is I have been asked a lot lately how does Google+ help my business and my answer is being on Google+ a free google product can only help your rankings and show you are a fan of Google.

Also its Google so who is to say that it won’t take off they have enough money to throw at it anyway and working with social media and SEO it can’t hurt any internet marketing campaign that I can see.