The Lowdown on Google’s EU Fine

It was recently announced that the American technology company Google was fined by the EU for Android antitrust violations. In fact, they were hit with a record breaking fine after abusing the Android market in three different areas. Here at Internet Marketing Questions we like to educate our readers on all things internet based and in this blog we are going to go over everything you need to know about the recent fine…

It doesn’t come as a shock that people are completely unaware of the anti-trust case that Google found itself tangled in. After all, it isn’t a simple topic to grasp. Recently however the legal battles came to an end, with Google being given a massive $5 billion fine in order to account for its abuse of Android mobile phone users.

It was revealed that the multi-international company took advantage of Android in order to impose their own services – Google search, Chrome and Play Store – on customers and device manufacturers. This ultimately gave them an unfair advantage over competitors as it did things like force the inclusion of chrome on the device in order for users to have access to other apps.

In fact, the European Commission has ordered Google to ‘bring its illegal conduct to an end within 90 days’ in order to ensure that every competitor is equal on the playing field. The company is required to stop forcing manufactures to pre install its applications on devices and they must also stop phone makers from using divided versions of Android.

As one of the most popular companies around, Google is also the competitor to beat when it comes to search engines. The fact that they have been fined billions for breaking trust violations has left many internet users shocked. After all, internet marketing places a huge emphasis on white hat technique and authenticity. With this said, it seems like Google intends to appeal the result!  To find out more information about Google’s massive fine, get in contact with a member of the Internet Marketing Questions team today!