Is SEO Superior to PPC Marketing?

We’re all familiar with the differences between SEO and PPC marketing, and many marketers would even say that they sit on opposite ends of the spectrum because they are approached so diversely. With this said, the ultimate aim of both approaches is effectively the same: increase organic traffic and create more conversions. So why is SEO thought to be so effective in comparison? Read on as we explain why search engine optimisation could be considered a superior marketing method….

Long-Term Results

It can take up to 6 months to see clear and distinctive results in the SERPs following the start of an SEO campaign, which means that this certainly isn’t a marketing method for the impatient business owner looking for overnight results. This ensures that a website manages to stand out amongst the crowd and will stay in its rightful ranking position; this could be considered superior because the results won’t disappear if ever a campaign should be paused or stopped entirely like they often do when PPC comes to an end. 


Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing works by putting your marketing budget into a ‘money pot’ and purchasing certain keywords via Google AdWords. The site will then be ranked above the top organic ranking website but displayed as an advertisement, and every time a user clicks on the advertisement a fee is deducted from the money pot. This takes place regardless of whether or not they make a purchase or enquiry and can be expensive quite quickly. SEO is superior in regards to costs because it focuses on increasing organic traffic from the SERPs and your marketing budget goes towards the methods that are put in place to achieve that rather than being used as a ‘money pot’ to fuel visitor clicks.

The way that a business approaches their online marketing can depend on a variety of factors like their budget, time-frame and overall campaign aim. With this said, a strategy should always take reliability into consideration as there are certainly some approaches that give you a lot more bang for your buck than others. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we believe that SEO is the go-to technique, however there is no reason why PPC cannot be implemented alongside it as part of a well-rounded and high-quality campaign strategy.