Has Google Really Changed?

You can’t deny that Google has made a few changes here and there to how business work online, but has the biggest search engine on the planet really changed that much? Well no, not really they’ve just put their foot down a bit on how companies are being marketed online, but it really is to benefit you, not them.

There are still far too many unethical SEO companies out there who unfortunately ‘talk the talk’ about how they will get you to page 1 on Google in days, but what you don’t know is that they’re breaking the rules just to profit themselves. Yes, you will benefit for a short term and may generate sales from it, but with Google’s strict guidelines, it’s your business that will be affected and removed from Google within seconds.

These SEO companies who perform incorrect procedures are formally known as providing ‘black hat SEO. In other words, they’re deceptive and mislead the search engines, and you. With search engines like Google catching these ‘black hat’ culprits, the only people who will really get a slap on the wrist is your business. They won’t hesitate in removing you from their search engine and you could go from page 1, position 1, generating a significant profit to nothing and scraping the barrel. Internet Marketing Questions have helped a large number of businesses rebuild their presence online, ethically, and as much as it is a long-term process, we always work around the clock investigating the situation and helping to make things right again.

If you’re a business that has been affected by black hat SEO, then please get in touch with Internet Marketing Questions today. We’re an ethical SEO company that always does things by the book.