Why do we need SEO? and How does SEO Help Google?

Why do we need SEO?

Some people have asked me why do we need SEO. The simple answer is to help Search engines like Google read your website.

I know of some people who say that Google hates SEO and reads it as spam, that isn’t true first of all.

In fact if you think about it SEO helps Google and if you help Google then why wouldn’t it rank you higher.

Now i know what you are thinking how does SEO Help Google?

Basic Search Engine Optimisation if done correctly sets out your website to make Google bots go through your website as easy as possible learning and understanding the point of your website, This is done by readable URL’s, Titles that make sense, description that explain your site and content that Google can read and understand.

Now Google bots are not human so it will need a helping hand and the easier it is for them to navigate through you website the more likely it is to trust your website and rank you higher,


Another internet marketing question answered.