The best social media for your business

There are so many different social media platforms to choose from, but it can be hard to know which one is best for your business. Social media is really effective when it comes to helping and growing your business. Read on to find out more about the top three social media sites…


There are several aspects to Facebook that make it great for business use. As it has developed more throughout the years, there is now the option to leave and display reviews, or if there’s a product you are selling you can do that through your business page or the market place.

Furthermore, people can contact you and book in with you through your Facebook page. There are many different features on Facebook that will help your business, and you can also keep track of your growth as well as your engagement through analytics. Most business social media platforms provide your account with analytics. There are also 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook so you can reach a large range of people on this platform.


Instagram was created in 2010 on October 6th and has managed to accumulate 1 billion monthly active users on its platform. This platform is very video and picture-central, and it’s a lot more informal giving you a lot of room to be creative.

There are also a number of options for interaction and engagement ranging from likes and comments on your posts to polls, question and answers on stories and live streams, where other users can comment, like and request to join. 

Instagram is amazing for showcasing your products and services but is also good to show the behind the scenes as well as production. Currently more than 25 million companies worldwide use Instagram for business purposes. Furthermore, 200 million users visit a minimum of one business profile a day.  


Twitter currently has 330 million monthly active users and 145 million active daily users. It was first created in March 2006, and Twitter has a lot to offer that can help grow and influence your business.  Tweets that you put out can only be 240 characters long, so it’s straight to the point and contains all necessary information.

Hashtags are really important as they give your posts more exposure and you can access content you’re actually interested in. You have a constant flow of trending topics worldwide, but there are also categorised topics that are tailored to content you share and interact with. Twitter can be both professional and personal; you can keep it business-based but add gifts or a graphics to make your content more interesting and appealing.

Each of these platforms have one or several forms of communication so people will always be able to get in contact with you and you can trial each one to see what you prefer and which one suits your business needs the most.