Internet Marketing Questions (number1)

What do Internet Marketing Companies do?

Start of my Campaign to help the world in regards to their Internet Marketing Questions.

I have been at this for a while now and my friends have only just started asking me what exactly do internet marketing companies do and why do you keep going on about how important they are?

My answer to this question is pretty simple really, the first objective of any good internet marketing company needs to be getting the right traffic to your website. It’s up to the company (or in my case me the account manager)  to talk to the customer and find out what part of the business makes them the most money and pick the right keywords for that service/product. Then I would have to go away and find the best phrases that people type in.

Then it’s all hands on deck to get my client to the top of search engines for those phrases. More and more people use search engines to research and buy everything these days.

Most people use the Google search engine and its apart of everyone’s life now for example if you ask someone a question and they don’t know the answer they normally come back with the phrase “Google it”.

This campaign/blog is out to help people who like to find answer on all the Internet Marketing Questions they may have.