3 Ways that SEO Has Changed

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we believe that it is important for technicians to understand how their industry has changed over its lifespan. After all, many of these changes have been implemented in order to improve the way that marketing campaigns are ran and ensure that only the very best websites manage to rank favourable in the SERPs. Read on as we go over three components that have changed in SEO…


Google has continued to refine its rules regarding content over the years and it is now essential that a campaign implements high-quality, user-focussed and relevant information. After all, content is considered ‘king’ in SEO which means that it has the power to make or break an entire marketing strategy. This is a considerable change from the early days of SEO when technicians would plagiarise existing content, overuse keywords and upload articles that were completely illegible to the reader.


Although the search engines have always utilised algorithms, they have become much more meticulous in recent years. After all, Google Panda and Penguin are incredibly clever and can spot the use of black-hat methods almost instantaneously. As a result, SEO technicians must ensure that an entire website is algorithm friendly in terms of its SEO and content in order to ensure that it will rank favourably in the SERPs. After all, the old-days of being able to easily manipulate the search engines are certainly behind us.


In SEO, ethics refers to the way that a campaign is ran and whether or not it utilises black-hat methods. At the start of the SEO industry, there were very little rules governing how this worked which meant that the majority of campaign would be considered incredibly poor quality by the standards of today. After all, a modern-day SEO should always be ethical in terms of its content and the marketing methods that are utilised within it as this is the most effective way to rank.

When it comes to marketing techniques like SEO, it is vital that technicians recognise why certain changes were made. After all, choosing to abide by the rules is completely different from recognising why they were implemented in the first place. To find out more information about the role of content in modern-day SEO, get in contact with a member of the Internet Marketing Questions team today!