Sleepy Paws Dog Beds explains how Internet Marketing Expert Phil Collins transformed their way of thinking online, and improved their belief of becoming the number one.

Our belief is that Phil Collins of Internet Marketing Questions is our God and Saviour, why you may ask? When we first started out we knew with the growth of online shopping showing no signs of a slump, it was very important to get ahead in the pet market. At Sleepy Paws Dog Beds we realised early on that we needed help but didn’t really understand what for, SEO Portsmouth expert Phil at Internet Marketing Questions was just wonderful in explaining what we need to do and how to go about it. With the Centre for Retail Research saying that 13.2% of all UK retail sales last year we being concluding online and the pet industry at a all time high, we knew we had a big task ahead of us, but were in good hands.

We are a beds for dogs supplier and we are also huge wrestling fans, we liken Phil Collins to Big Daddy in the wrestling world. Big Daddy was known for a 64 inch chest and Phil is and will be known for being the number one in SEO and other aspects of marketing online. Our journal online is still relatively short, but we are in great hands and would highly recommended IMQ to anyone online, or anyone thinking about getting online.

He is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. A big thanks from us!