Top 3 Internet Marketing Methods

Internet marketing is a simple enough industry to use if you consistently employ the techniques necessary and do not use black hat tactics. Despite this, many businesses have been unable to maximise their attempts to achieve valuable traffic. Here are the top 3 internet marketing methods that we think the top SEO companies should be using…

Content Marketing

You are either very new to the internet marketing industry or very behind if you haven’t heard the phrase ‘content is king’. This simply means that in order to receive valuable traffic and rewarded positions in search results, a site must be filled with relevant content that a searcher needs. Content marketing is to do with the creation and publication of content which will attract and engage an audience. It allows feedback and repeated visitors and therefore traffic to enter a site.

Email Marketing

If you make it a point to send follow up emails to visitors which register on the site, they will be able to voluntarily find out more about the services you offer. It is best to set up an ‘opt-in’ system and create a mailing list for such visitors. Sadly, many people are aware of how useful this technique can be so it is a chance to get ahead of the game.

Social Media Marketing

Over the last 5 years, social media has grown significantly in popularity and is now recognised worldwide. If you understand your business, your industry and your target customer basis, choosing the correct social media platform can make or break a campaign. Facebook is arguably the biggest and most versatile social media out there for this sort of stuff.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we want our readers to get the best out of their internet marketing campaigns in 2017. Remember to check back for more tips, tricks and ideas!