The Lowdown on Pop Up Ads

At one time or another, every internet user will have encountered a pop-up advertisement. After all, they are often difficult to miss because they are the first thing that users meet when visiting a site that runs them. In fact, some pop-ups can even be malicious and littered with viruses, so it is vital that internet users install a high-quality anti-malware program to protect their computer from suspicious activity. Since it is thought that pop-up advertisements were created in order to compete with the popularity of PPC banners, the team here at Internet Marketing Questions have decided to go over everything there is to know about them. Read on to find out more…

What are pop-up advertisements?

A window that appears out of nowhere when a user visits a website is known as a ‘pop-up’ advertisement and they are often used in order to display price reductions that convince people to visit the website in question. As a result, a website that uses these kinds of techniques can hope to see an increase in the amount of direct traffic that their website receives.

What are the benefits of using pop-up ads?

There are many different benefits that can come from a well-executed pop-up advertising campaign. For example, it can improve a websites internet presence and web-visibility by showing users an advertisement that they simply cannot avoid. In addition to this, pop-up ads can also be used in a variety of different ways and designed with specific intentions in mind which have the potential to improve the traffic conversions that a website receives.

Are pop-up advertisements classed as spam?

Despite the apparent benefits that can be reaped from an investment in pop-up advertising, it is important to remember that most users do not like them. After all, it is actually possible to program an advertisement so that the users cannot leave the site until they have clicked on the ad. This often means that pop-up advertising garners a reputation of spamming internet users with unrelated and poor-quality content.

Although they have been around since the dawn of the internet itself, pop-up advertisements are considered an expensive method when it comes to traffic generation. After all, the majority of users consider them a nuisance and many will download ad-blockers within a browser in order to prevent them appearing at all. Luckily, there are many alternative internet marketing approaches that offer consistent and cost-effective results such as SEO and PPC. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Internet Marketing Question team today!