The Importance of Website Speed

When business owners decide to invest in their website, they tend to focus on everything but speed. After all, there are many different components that go into making the best first impression to a website user and speed plays a very important role because it determines how long these visitors will spend on a site before they choose to leave. Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over a few important reasons why the speed of a website should always be taken into consideration…

How long do users stay on a website?

According to statistics, the average internet user will stay on a webpage for around 20 seconds unless they decide that the information on offer is beneficial to them. This means that page speed is an incredibly important feature to take into consideration when optimising a website as many users are unwilling to wait around for slow sites to load.

Does Google favour faster websites when ranking in the SERPs?

The speed of a website can also play an important role in the way that it is ranked in the SERPs by search engines like Google. After all, many different aspects are taken into consideration in order to determine whether a site is high-quality enough to hit page one and since user experience is a search engine priority, a slower website isn’t going to beat the competition.

Can conversions be affected by a slow loading speed?

A conversion is created when an internet user visits a website organically and chooses to inquire about the services on offer as a result. With this said, a website that takes a long time to load can cause users to jump ship and find an alternative service. Over time, this would start to affect a websites conversion rate as the user must be able to view a website in order to determine whether or not the services on offer are required and a slow page speed can prevent this.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we want to encourage our readers to ensure that they pay close attention to every component involved in the optimisation of a website. After all, the speed of a page is what determines whether a user remains on a site or not which means that unusually slow loading times can severely affect the conversions that are made by a business. To find out more information about website speed and the role it plays in internet marketing, get in contact with a member of the IMQ team today!