The History of the Internet

As strange as it sounds, the internet began in the minds of the most intelligent people and eventually made its way onto paper before it became what we know today. It is an emerging piece of technology that is always adapting, changing and improving as each year passes. Although the internet was primarily intended for readers, it has developed into the platform we know today. Here is the history of the internet…


This was the time of ARPANET, which is an initialism that stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. In short, ARPANET was an early packet switching network and was designed in order to aid communication between ARPA terminals during the early 60’s when computers were considered too expensive for usage across a wide area. It began as a stable link between computers and helped to develop the technological advancements we know today.


During this time, electronic mail was first demonstrated and was a major part in developing the networking of the internet. In fact, the first email programs known as SNDMSG and READMAIL began one of the most widely used applications on the internet today.  In addition to this, during the 70’s the very first radio network that used random packet transmissions was launched at the University of Hawaii.


This was the decade where most technological advancements took place. During a meeting, computer scientists discussed advancing the accessibility of ARPANET and it was explained how an affordable network link was to be introduced using dial up phone links rather than satellites or radios.


The 90’s is the decade where ARPANET was decommissioned and the very first version of the World Wide Web started progress. A shared format using hypertext mark-up language (HTML) was used and the creation of the uniform resource locator (URL) was started so that users could specify the computer they were using and the information they wanted to achieve. Over the next couple of decades and into the 21st century, the internet would go on to develop into the platform we know today.

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