The Evolution of SEO Part 2

As we know, SEO is a process which is always evolving and developing new ideas and components. Over the last 25 years, the process itself has changed quite considerably. In a previous blog post, we went over part one of the SEO evolution. In the second part to this blog series, we’re going to delve into the latter part of this internet evolution…

The Enlightenment, 2010-2012

Around this time, a big change in SEO took place which forced brands to start earning their rankings through quality content and user focused content. If they did not do this, they could face penalties in the search results.

Updates from google meant that strict enforcements on keywords and content were implemented, which impacted how the results were formatted in search engines. Brands which did not comply were used as public examples to show SEO companies what happens if you use black hat techniques.

Modern Ages, 2013 – Present

At the moment, many SEO companies are at a crossroads as some struggle between personalisation and privacy. Brands like Google are using data in order to develop their own presence online by personalising the result based on the location, history and the device used by the searcher. This means that a creative approach is needed in order to create engagement through content.

The Future

Few things are known about the future of SEO as it is a continuously developing process and component of internet marketing. Without a doubt, however, it is expected that we will see more focused experiences which are based around user content and quality content.

The internet is becoming more personalised as technology develops and users want results to stand out immediately with little effort required. It is expected that SEO will continue to fill this need in order to offer valuable and optimum engagement.

Who knows where the world of SEO will take us in another 25 years? Check back here for more tips and tricks regarding SEO Services!