Everything You Need to Know About 5G Data

In September, it was confirmed that super-fast mobile streaming is just within reach. In fact, network providers have been testing 5G networks throughout 2018 in order to prepare for the release of the very first 5G smartphones over the next few years. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we like to keep up to date on everything technology related, which is why we have decided to go over everything you need to know about the introduction of 5G data. Read on to find out more…

What is it?

As the successor of 4G, 5G will provide faster download speeds and stronger connections like never before. In theory, the networks will be able to handle more devices simultaneously, which means that we will be able to do things like download 4K videos to our smartphones in less than two minutes or stream in 4K video on Netflix without dealing with lag.


Since testing has been taking place this year, it is said that 5G will be rolled out by the end of 2019. With this said, there are remote parts of the UK that don’t even have access to 4G coverage yet and they won’t be at the top of the list for 5G either. The mobile network EE is said to become the first 5G provider in the UK where the ultra-fast download speed will become available in 16 cities including London, Manchester, Belfast, Leeds and Liverpool.


With this said, there isn’t a single 5G compatible smartphone on the market yet, so it is important that the release of the network is timed with the release of a new phone so that the benefits of 5G can actually be reaped. Interestingly, 14 manufactures including Samsung, LG and Sony have announced that they are developing 5G devices that they intend to bring out in 2019.

With such little talk on the 5G front until now, it is clear that the pace on data speed has really started to pick up. After all, 4G was only introduced in 2012 by EE in 11 major UK cities. When users visit a websites, they expect it to load quickly which is why 5G is expected to benefit the internet marketing industry considerably. After all, experts suggest that it will provide broadband equivalent download speeds! To find out more information, contact the Internet Marketing Questions team today!