Crucial SEO Elements

The world of internet marketing has come a long way since its introduction and there are several methods that are being adopted. One of the biggest has to be SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. When done correctly and ethically this practice can produce higher search rankings and create more traffic on a site which ultimately leads to an increase in leads and sales. Unfortunately, not many people know how it works. Here are a few crucial elements of the SEO world..


This is a fundamental part of SEO and without it you cannot gain the results you are hoping to get. They are necessary in order to ensure that your site is coming up in Google search engines. After all, when content is created Google reads the data and it is presented in the form of a keyword ranking. The higher your ranking, the better your results.


Speaking of it, the world of SEO has only just realised how important it is to have content on your site. However one key aspect is what is written not how much. For google to approve of your content it must have a relevance and be able to ethically appear on search results without misleading searchers. If you write information that is not related to your service then Google could penalise your site and reduce it’s ranking.

Staying Ethical

Although this isn’t a physical aspect of the SEO marketing process, staying ethical is just as vital as keywords and content. There are several SEO companies who use black-hat techniques which raise rankings of site but do so in an unethical way. For example, link farms and keyword stuffing are common techniques which spams users. Thankfully google has cracked down on this in their updates however the techniques are still around. In order to avoid being penalised you should always operate ethically and truthfully within SEO.

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