The Biggest Search Engines in the World

Scouring the world wide web is possible thanks to something called search engines, a program or software that is provided by a company. In fact, they use specific and targeted algorithms in order to find relevant information that corresponds to keywords implemented by the user and display the results as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Read on as we go over the top three biggest search engines in the word…


With over 4.5 billion monthly visitors, the Google search engine is the most used on the World Wide Web. In fact, it accounts for over 90% of the worlds market shares as of September 2018. The search engine is available in over 149 languages, which is impressive considering it receives around 3 billion queries every single day.


This Chinese search engine has been in operation for around 18 years and is the second largest in the world, holding a 76% market share in China’s search engine market place. Unsurprisingly, it is the most popular search engine in China and is written in Chinese, however it is available for use worldwide at the domain


Third in command is the Bing search engine, which receives around 1.2 billion monthly visitors. It was created in 2009 and is available in just 40 languages. With this said, many users actually prefer the search engine in comparison to Google due to its high-quality video search feature and its ability to provide users with double the number of autocomplete suggestion.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we recognise the importance of search engines in providing users of the internet the ability to find information quickly. In fact, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) actually uses search engine algorithms in order to target specific keywords and raise the ranking of specific websites through high quality content.

With Google sitting on top for several decades, experts wonder whether the search engine will ever be dethroned. To find out more information about how search engines are used within SEO, get in contact with the IMQ team today!