3 Reasons Why You Need SEO

3 Reasons Why You Need SEO

If you are looking to hit the first page of google then Search Engine Optimisation is something that you must get your head around. After all, without this form of internet marketing Google will never take your website or the services you are offering seriously. Luckily, the team here at Internet Marketing Questions are on hand to tell you everything you could possibly need to know. Read on to find out three reasons why SEO is necessary…


Compared to alternatives like Adwords which uses PPC marketing, high quality SEO will allow websites to reach the top pages of Google in a much more sustainable and organic way. After all, PPC advertising charges customers every single time somebody clicks on the advert, regardless of whether they choose to investigate the site further or make a purchase. On the other hand, the results from SEO come from organic clicks to a website.


Over 50% of users now surf the web using a smartphone which means that the SEO has had to adapt in order to keep up. In fact, Google updates like penguin and panda mean that users must now make their site mobile friendly in order to be deemed credible and relevant enough to be ranked highly in the search engine results. Luckily, SEO caters for these modern developments and works hard in order to ensure that it is taken into account during a campaign.


If your website is beyond page 20 on the Google search results then there is a very little chance that a user will look deep enough to stumble across your services, even if you may be the perfect company for them. This means that getting your site ranked high is important and SEO can provide this by creating high quality and relevant content in order to get Google to trust it and raise the page ranking in an organic way that provides results.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions we believe that SEO is one of the most vital components to consider when it comes to marketing. After all, it not only helps keep your website relevant and up to date, it can also improve user experience. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the IMQ team today!