Internet Myths That Refuse to Disappear

The internet is full of knowledge however it’s safe to stay that not all of it is particularly true. In fact, there are even myths about the internet itself which continue to circle around to this day. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we’re ready to bust a few of them so that you are able to separate fact from fiction…

Myth: The internet is free

For some unknown reason, many people have spent their life believing that the internet is free to use and unfortunately, this is not and has never been true. Since the beginning of its creation, the internet has always had a cost. For example, in the past students gained accounts via tuition and the military got access as part of their job. When the internet became public, we started paying regular fees to internet providers. Even 4G is paid for because we subscribe to contracts and pay for the internet access on our smartphones! It might seem free to browse Facebook however, we are always paying in order to do so.

Myth: The internet is dangerous

Because the internet is able to hold and store a lot of our information, it often gains the reputation of being dangerous, especially for children. Whilst it is true that some bad people lurk around the internet, it is a very safe place as long as we keep our personal details private and be aware of the websites that our children are visiting at all times.

The internet is our forte here at Internet Marketing Questions which is why we dedicated a blog post to busting these myths! Check back for more tips and tricks about the internet and internet marketing!